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Drain Cleaning

It’s common for homeowners to neglect regular drain cleaning. The best-case scenario is that the drain gradually clogs. The water drains slowly at first, and eventually, it completely stops. A rapidly clogged drain is the worst-case situation for uncleaned drains. When water can’t go down the drain, it’s time to get a plumber to clean it properly.

However, when the drains stay unclean, a more profound issue arises that many homeowners are unaware of. They are unaware that a stubborn clog can form in the drain pipe over time in addition to the actual drain. When this occurs, fixing it may be far more expensive than just clearing the drain. Continue reading to learn why drain cleaning is so crucial.

How drain cleaning works

Cleaning a drain is removing any buildup or debris from a pipe to allow wastewater to flow freely. A foaming drain cleaner, mechanical augers, and other instruments are usually used to clear the obstruction. Skilled plumbers have the knowledge and expertise to unclog your drains without endangering them.

Why it is crucial to clean the drains

Reduced clogs and faster drainage

Regular drain cleaning has the obvious advantage of reducing clogs. Regular cleaning almost guarantees fewer obstructions in all types of drains, including kitchen sinks, shower drains, and washing machine drainage pipes. No matter how hard a homeowner tries, many things still end up in the trash. A common cause of blockages in bathroom drains is hair. Grease, coffee grounds, and stiff vegetable skins frequently cause kitchen drain clogs. Not even the most cautious individual can stop accumulation in the drain.

Another crucial element is faster drainage. Maintaining clean drains allows them to perform their intended function of removing wastewater. It is never a good idea to have standing water, particularly near a frequently used sink.

Prevents leaks and improves drain life

The corrosion of your drain pipes could be caused by the buildup of chemical deposits within them. Preventing leaks of this nature can be achieved through routine pipe cleaning. By doing this, you can extend the life of your existing pipe and avoid the inconvenience of rebuilding your entire home to replace all of your drain pipes.

Eliminate foul smell

Although you may immediately link bad smells to your toilet, any drain that isn’t cleaned can harbor germs and mildew, which can lead to offensive scents throughout your house. Remember that mold spores like a dark, moist environment, and your home’s drains have plenty of both. The normal flow of water may not be sufficient to remove these spores altogether, so don’t rely only on it. Thorough cleaning of your drain can eliminate these mold spores, or at least wash them away, and stop bacteria from growing. Harmful mold cannot develop and spread when a drain is kept clean, particularly a bathroom drain.

Reduces the need for unnecessary repairs

Additionally, clear drains lessen the need for costly repairs. After all, one of the most frequent reasons for expensive home repairs is clogged drains. Maintaining clean drains is similar to keeping a home’s walkways free of debris. It’s only a matter of time until someone slips and is injured in the corridors, where there are piles of toys, books, trash, and other items. It will not take long for poorly maintained drains to become seriously clogged and require professional plumbing cleaning.

Prevents damage to your property

Recall how chemical deposits might lead to pipe corrosion in your house. Or how a blockage in a toilet’s drain could cause it to backflow? One regrettable consequence of these circumstances is that these spills may cause damage to your home. Water damage from a clean water pipe is already awful. Still, wastewater leaks in drains can be far more disastrous because the water is already tainted with bacteria and dangerous chemicals. Any floors or walls that come into contact with this unhygienic water may get discolored, and replacing or repairing them can be pretty expensive. One advantage of clearing the drains and doing a sewer clean-up is that it can prevent this kind of damage.

Clean drains mean a clean home.

You will undoubtedly notice a difference in your home’s cleanliness after doing routine drain cleaning using a foaming drain cleaner. As mentioned, bad smells might enter your house through clogged pipes. Cleaning your drains will remove debris from your pipes and restore the proper smell to your home! Cleaning your pipes has advantages that go beyond the interior of your house. One way to prevent standing water from building up in your yard is to keep your drains clear. It can be expensive and time-consuming to fix this once it happens, so make sure to clean your pipes to maintain the efficiency of your drainage system.

How often should you clean your drains?

Cleaning your home’s drains is a crucial component of housekeeping tasks. How often your household uses its drains, how big it is, and other factors all play a role in determining how often your drains should be cleaned.

While larger families might need to arrange professional drain care more frequently, some smaller households might get away with cleaning “as needed.” Annual maintenance is often advised. Discussing your recommended drain cleaning plan based on your usage with professionals is a good idea.

Why you should hire professional drain cleaners

Cleaning the drains yourself can be very time-consuming. Thankfully, you can hire a professional cleaner to clean your drains if you have a tight schedule professionally.

Hiring a professional drain cleaner will save you time and money because you don’t have to purchase cleaning supplies to clean the drains. They will also do excellent work, leaving your drains exceptionally clean. Finally, these professionals have state-of-the-art equipment and tools to do the job perfectly. So, you have every reason to hire a professional cleaner to clean your drains.

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