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press release.

It is an essential communication and press relations tool; the press release allows you to pass on your most important information, easily, to journalists, bloggers and influencers and thus obtain publications.

This visibility is both interesting to make your business known, to refine your brand image, but also to acquire new customers and increase your turnover.

You don’t have a press service yet and you want to get into press relations on your own? So find out how to write a press release that will win over your readers.

All press releases are written using the same structure, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you follow this structure scrupulously to make sure you don’t forget anything. A press release should be clear, concise and impactful. The journalist who receives it must have before his eyes all the information he needs to write his article. To write a perfect press release, you will need to start by following a few simple steps, before you start writing your press release.

Define the subject of your press release

This may seem obvious, but it is essential to follow this step well so as not to scatter when writing your press release. First of all, it is therefore necessary to have in mind your subject and the message you want to convey.

Identify the target and objective of your press release

Here are two questions that it is imperative to be able to answer to be sure that your press release is in the right hands; who are you targeting and what is the purpose of your press release? So ask yourself as many questions as possible. Who is the target audience for your information? What should your press release be used for? To publicize your business? To increase your sales? To reinforce your brand image?

Last essential step before you start writing your press release: who are you going to send it to and how. If for a long time it was only intended for journalists, the press release is now also sent to bloggers or influencers. You can choose to send your press release to these three different types of targets or to the one that seems most relevant to your business and the message you want to convey. As for the sending method,

This mention must be placed at the top of your mail or e-mail (but preferably not in the subject of the e-mail).

The logo or the name of your company must appear at the top of your press release, the person who receives it must be able to understand at a glance who the information he is about to discover comes from.

The date of your press release must be added and if the information is under embargo it is imperative to mention it.

You will have to pay particular attention to your title. It should be clear, easy to understand and straight to the point. It should also make you want to read the rest of your press release.

Write a capo

The chapĂ´ is the short text, usually written in bold or italics, that appears before the body of your press release. In five lines maximum it must answer the 5 W: Who (who), What (what), Where (where), When (when) and Why (why). These few lines should be clear and catchy.

Your text must be written in a fluid way, without too many stylistic effects, and clearly provide all the necessary information.

To help you structure your press release perfectly and make sure you don’t forget anything, we have prepared a template for you to fill in as well as an example of a press release for a fictitious brand.

This summer will be trendier than ever with the new XXX jewelry collection. The French brand XXX has decided to join forces with the essential XXX, a fan of ethical jewelery whose fashionable look is well established. Inspired by the travels of the influencer with 2 million subscribers, this collection will make more than one dream. e !

Who should you send your press release to?

The press release is, as the name suggests, intended to be sent to the press, to journalists, but today also to influencers and bloggers. Who to send your press release to will actually depend on the type of target you want to reach, but also on the image you want to convey. Once you know which media or which people you want to send your press release to, you will need to find the email addresses of your future contacts. To achieve this, there are several ways. For the print media, it is very likely that you will find the names and contacts of journalists in the bear. Online magazines, in most cases, have a contact tab with the person to contact depending on the section that interests you.

More laborious, but often just as effective, you can also make direct contact with the journalists, bloggers or influencers to whom you wish to send your press release through the social networks on which they are the most active ( Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram , etc). Finally, if you have a budget dedicated to press relations, you can also subscribe to a platform for connecting press and journalists such as AlgoLinked .

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