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Benefits of Company Formation

Are you looking to expand your business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Then RAK Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is the perfect location for you then this is a perfect guide for you. In this article, we will explore the top 10 benefits of company formation in RAKEZ.

Strategic location benefits for business growth

Ras Al Khaimah has a stable political and economic environment, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors. The emirate’s economy is diverse, with a range of sectors, including manufacturing, tourism, and services. This diversification provides businesses with ample opportunities for growth and expansion.

Furthermore, RAKEZ offers a range of office and warehouse spaces for businesses, making it easy to set up a physical presence in the emirate. This strategic location benefit has attracted businesses from around the world to RAKEZ.

Tax-free environment benefits

Among the advantages of forming a company in RAKEZ is the absence of taxes on corporate and personal incomes, creating a tax-free landscape that has become a magnet for businesses seeking to lessen their tax liabilities. This incentive has resulted in a growing influx of enterprises from various countries worldwide. Moreover, foreign investors can hold complete ownership of their businesses without the need for a local partner, which has boosted RAKEZ’s economic progress through increased foreign investment.

Competitive cost of living advantages

One of the key reasons why companies opt to establish a business entity in RAKEZ is due to the more affordable standard of living. Ras Al Khaimah boasts a considerably lower cost of living than other UAE emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This affordability can result in numerous advantages for firms that operate in the area. For instance, companies can entice and retain skilled staff for a lower cost than they would have to incur in other emirates. This cost-benefit can prove to be a critical factor, particularly for startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that must keep their expenses and cash flows in check.

Moreover, RAKEZ offers affordable office and warehouse spaces, providing businesses with cost-effective options for setting up a physical presence. This competitive cost of living advantage has made RAKEZ an attractive location for businesses looking to reduce their operating costs.

Wide range of business activities available

RAKEZ presents a broad array of commercial operations, creating an optimal location for companies from different industries. The free zone provides options for trading, manufacturing, services, and education, among others. Such a varied spectrum of business pursuits affords organizations the possibility of expanding and branching out.

Furthermore, RAKEZ offers a range of licenses for businesses, including trading, industrial, service, and education licenses. This license variety ensures that businesses can operate legally in their respective sectors.

Modern infrastructure advantages

RAKEZ prides itself on providing contemporary facilities to assist diverse businesses. Its offerings include modern office spaces, warehouses, and industrial units equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. The free zone also provides a dependable IT infrastructure to support businesses’ digital requirements. Furthermore, RAKEZ has made significant investments in improving its transportation infrastructure, enabling businesses to easily transport their goods and materials. This advantage in modern infrastructure has positioned RAKEZ as a desirable location for companies seeking an efficient and contemporary business environment.

One-stop-shop services offered by RAKEZ

RAKEZ provides an all-in-one solution for enterprises, simplifying the process of establishment and operation within the unrestricted area. This includes helping with the registration of companies, handling visas, and obtaining licenses. Additionally, RAKEZ extends its support services to cover legal, accounting, and marketing matters. In addition, a specialized team of customer service representatives assists businesses from beginning to end. This single-stop-shop service has significantly facilitated businesses’ setup and operation in RAKEZ, contributing significantly to the growth of the unrestricted area.

Easy company setup process benefits

Setting up a company in RAKEZ is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. The process involves selecting a business activity, choosing a license, and submitting the necessary documents. Moreover, RAKEZ offers a range of company types, including free zone and offshore companies. This flexibility ensures that businesses can choose the type of company that best suits their needs. The easy company setup process benefit has made RAKEZ an attractive location for businesses looking for a hassle-free company formation process.

Business support services provided by RAKEZ

RAKEZ provides comprehensive business solutions to facilitate efficient business operations, covering various aspects such as legal, accounting, and marketing. Furthermore, RAKEZ organizes events and seminars that foster networking and skill-enhancement opportunities. In addition to these services, RAKEZ has a committed business support unit that collaborates with enterprises to promote their growth and prosperity. As a result, many businesses find RAKEZ an appealing destination that offers a supportive business ecosystem.

Skilled workforce benefits

RAKEZ has a workforce with a wide range of skills that assists businesses across multiple industries. There are educational institutions within the emirate that offer access to talented graduates for businesses. Additionally, RAKEZ provides programs to help businesses improve their employees’ skills and knowledge. Furthermore, RAKEZ has a stable workforce, which enables businesses to keep their talented employees for extended periods. This skilled workforce advantage makes RAKEZ an appealing location for businesses seeking reliable and skilled employees.

Access to funding opportunities for business growth

Finally, RAKEZ offers businesses access to funding opportunities that support their growth and expansion. The free zone has partnerships with various banks and financial institutions that provide businesses with access to financing options. RAKEZ also offers incentives and subsidies to businesses that meet certain criteria.

In addition, RAKEZ has a dedicated investment team that works with businesses to identify funding opportunities and support their growth. This access to funding opportunities benefit has made Rakez company setup an attraction for businesses looking for funding to support their growth.And if you need any help to set up a company here, TASC Corporate Services can provide the right guidance.


RAKEZ offers businesses a range of benefits, making it an ideal location for company formation. Its strategic location, competitive cost of living, tax-free environment, a wide range of business activities, modern infrastructure, one-stop-shop services, easy company setup process, business support services, skilled workforce, and access to funding opportunities make it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand in the UAE.

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