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Savings account

Want to dive into savings account details? A savings account is a joint bank account that allows you to earn good interest on the deposit money. This is such a great way to earn interest while ensuring the smooth process of transactions through it.

All banks provide savings accounts. The only difference is that the banks offer savings accounts but at different interest rates and features.

What are the features of a savings account that make it the best? Learn about the features of the savings account. Read out the complete article and know how this bank account helps you to make more savings.

A solid base to carry the financial transactions

A savings account is used to send and receive money because it serves as the base for all transactions. In the savings account, transactionsare made through debit card, net banking, cheque, etc. In this way, financial transactions are easily carried out by using online facilities.

Passbook and cheque facility

Primarily, the savings account offers a cheque and passbook facility. When you successfully open a savings account, you receive the checkbook and passbook that carry your account information. With this facility, you can easily withdraw your money using a cheque.

You can also issue the cheque to others if required. The best thing is that most savings accounts are available that provide a debit card facility.

Nominal interest rates

Savings accounts provide a nominal interest rate that lies from 3 to 7 percent. The savings account rate of interest is calculated on a half-year and quarterly basis.

Minimum average balance

Here is the need to maintain the minimum average balance in your savings account so that you can save yourself from the penalties. Make sure that the minimum average balance and the penalty on them vary from bank to bank.

Additional benefits

Many banks provide additional benefits to their customer with savings accounts. Some banks permit you to open the demat account at an accessible cost. You can later use this demat account to trade in the stock market.

 Also, some banks provide an accessible locker facility along with saving accounts.

Accessible to all age groups

Savings accounts are an excellent option for bank accounts that are easily opened by anyone without any age restrictions. All age groups, even minors, are eligible to open their savings account by providing their correct personal information with scanned documents.

Also, some banks allow the KYC process for verification of the candidate. Once you complete your KYC process, you can open your savings account, no matter in which age group you are.


A savings account is a simple to save money and carry out regular expenses. Most people like to use a savings account because it has a solid base to fulfill their liquid investments outside of other accounts and cash. Savings accounts can make accessingyour funds easier.

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