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Car Loan EMI calculator

Car loan EMI calculators are used to calculate the EMI payments on the Car Loan. It is the best calculation tool that helps you calculate the loan amount you should pay every month in the form of an EMI.

It permits people to choose the borrowing amount they can pay the EMI every month and keep their finances stable.  To calculate the accurate EMI on the car loan, you must provide details such as the loan amount, loan tenure, processing fees, interest rates, etc.

The accuracy of the car loan EMI calculator depends upon your data. In this article, you will learn about the parameters, payment structure and benefits of the EMI calculator.

Parameters for Car Loan EMI calculator 

Three parameters are used to determine the car loan EMI. The three parameters are the principal amount, tenure and interest rate.

1. Principal amount

It is the amount of money given to the borrower by the bank or lender. The monthly EMI with the loan is high when the principal amount is high.

2. Tenure

Tenure is the time that is taken for the loan repayment. The EMI calculatorcalculates the monthly amount you pay until the loan tenure is over. You have to pay smaller monthly EMI when the loan tenure is long.

3. Interest rate 

Interest rates are appliedon the loan amount. The interest rate applicable on the car loan varies from person to person. If the person has a good credit score, they will avail of the loan amount at the desirable interest rate.

On the other hand, if they have a bad credit history, then they have to pay a high-interest rate on the principal amount of the car loan.

Payment structure 

Getting anidea about the EMI before availing of the car loan is essential. EMI is the fixed amount that is paid by the borrower every month. And EMI has two significant components, interest amount and principal amount.

The total interest rate is spread over the loan tenure of the particular car loan. In simple words, a significant amount of the EMI consists of the interest amounts.

Benefits of the Car Loan EMI calculator

A car loan EMI calculator makes complicated calculations easier and gives  results with a few clicks of the button.

1. Accuracy 

The car Loan EMI calculator will make sure that you get an accurate result.  

2. Prepayments 

The car Loan EMI calculator also quickly calculates the prepayment structure that depends on the data of the car loan to which you are applying.

3. Analytical comparison

With the help of the car loan EMI calculator, it is easy to analyze the loan that is obtainable in the market. You can also check the loan amount, tenure of the loan and its interest rates by using this EMI calculator.


Car Loan EMI calculators are easy to use and beneficial in many ways. You can also use the EMI calculator if you want to enjoy the above benefits.

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