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Overall, the vacation rental industry is experiencing steady growth, despite the arrival of the coronavirus. Indeed, the profits of this type of activity had exceeded 57 billion dollars in 2019 worldwide.  Today, despite the expected global drop in tourism spending in 2020, it should be noted that 94% of those who went on vacation stayed in France following the situation linked to the global pandemic, which made it possible to maintain growth. of the sector. You can then turn this tricky situation in your favor by marketing your vacation rental to local travelers .

Write your vacation rental business plan

Here is a guide to help you create your business plan and make your vacation rental a success!

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Cabins and cabins are one of the many types of vacation rentals that travelers love, especially in winter. Indeed, these are a perfect opportunity for travelers to get away from the city, but it’s also a unique business opportunity for you! So why not start renting a chalet?

What is a Chalet?

A chalet is very unique from typical hotels or vacation rental homes. They are generally located in mountainous areas, even in historic sites or natural heritage areas protected by the State. However, they are simply also found in rural areas or close to urban areas.

As their name suggests, the chalets offer travelers a room to sleep with a warm, friendly and friendly atmosphere. They are often made of wood and the size depends on each chalet, but it is generally 9m² to 20m² for small chalets.


Cabins usually only have a few bedrooms. The owner or manager lives on-site with the travelers and interacts with them daily, making them feel like they are guests in a private, local home.

These days, travelers love having the option to get away from the city for a quiet and peaceful getaway. They want to experience something out of the ordinary and enjoy that warm atmosphere with which chalets are so often associated.

How to start a cabin rental business?

Starting a business involves a lot of research and preparation, including developing a cottage rental business plan. It is better to have a clear plan before, to calculate all costs, investments and marketing strategies before putting your chalet into use.

If you are considering starting a cabin rental business, here are ten key factors to consider:


First, you need to determine where exactly you want to invest. Typical locations for cabins are in the mountains, in the woods, or by a lake or in a residential area. It is also important to assess how you want to invest in the hut:

Is there a strong rental demand in the region you have chosen? For example, would it be located near a popular ski resort? Or near a spa or yoga retreat? Or simply in a secluded place where customers can get away?

cabin rental business

The best way to start is to research advertised vacation rentals in the area you want to buy. You can check out listing sites such as Airbnb or Next, look at what types of properties are on offer, if cottages are an option and if they have high demand.

You can also use AirDNA , which is an analytics platform that provides insight into vacation rental data based on location.

You can thus invest in a chalet located in an isolated area or miles from the nearest town. That’s the whole point of a quiet getaway! All you need is an online marketing plan and different strategies in place, such as using social media to promote your chalet and give it the visibility it needs for bookings.

Types of Chalets

Cabins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are many different types, such as tiny houses, treehouses, cabins, log cabins, farms, ranches, lodges, ski lodges, and more. Also consider the style of the cabin. Will it be made of wood or stones? Will the cabin be rustic or modern? Will the design and style of the interior be in harmony with the exterior?

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